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Best Day To Buy Concert Tickets

Buying concert tickets can be a really nerve-wracking experience, especially when it's an artist you're desperately trying to see. Prices are high and bots are ruthless, but fortunately, a new study has revealed when concert tickets are actually the cheapest to purchase from resale sites.

best day to buy concert tickets

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We've all been there. You have the Ticketmaster page pulled up, your card information is entered and you're ready to go... but then you get put into a queue. By the time you've "entered the room," all of the tickets are either gone or have somehow already been re-uploaded in the resale category for a ridiculous price that's way higher than what the face value is. So you check out StubHub and other resale sites and debate whether you should take the plunge on that overpriced ticket, or if you should wait it out.

Most music fans purchase tickets roughly three months before the event takes place, according to the report. Therefore, waiting until the event is just a day away or even that night would save them a decent amount of money, especially when you take the service fees and tax into account.

But quickly, he turned me around. It was a simply amazing concert. The three-hour show was full of songs and the stories behind those songs like when he talked about auditioning for the Beatles in 1968 before playing Carolina On My Mind.

Figures from Gametime show prices on their platform on average start dropping significantly a week before an event, with the biggest savings one day before an event, where people found tickets much cheaper than average.

We found that even though more than a quarter of concert tickets are purchased three months or more before a show, those early buyers are actually costing themselves money by getting their tickets that far in advance.

Tickets purchased that far in advance cost nearly 14% more than the average ticket price on the secondary market. On the flip side, we found that tickets cost 33% less than average when purchased the same day a concert is taking place. Tickets purchased the day before a show were also a good deal, costing 27% lower than average.

One of the shows included in this study is the Lumineers concert on May 17, 2022, in Jacksonville, Florida. We graphed out changes in ticket prices for that concert over time and compared that to our overall results to show just how well these general trends can match up with specific shows.

There was one point where Lumineers tickets notably diverged from overall trends thanks to a significant price spike six days before the concert when prices jumped to $284.20. Prices quickly normalized, however, as the day after that average ticket costs dropped by nearly $125 to $160.45.

From there, prices settled to under $100 for each of the four days immediately leading up to the concert. Two days before the show is when Lumineers fans got the best deal, paying just $71.65 on average for tickets.

One of the festivals we examined was BottleRock Napa, which took place in Napa, California from May 27-29 and was headlined by artists such as Metallica, Pink, and 21 Pilots. Similar to our concert analysis, we graphed out changes in pass prices for that festival over time and compared that to our overall results.

FinanceBuzz analyzed 22,340 tickets sold across 9,254 transactions completed on the secondary market for concerts performed by 14 major musical acts across multiple genres: Billie Eilish, Billy Joel, Chris Stapleton, Dave Matthews Band, The Eagles, Elton John, Garth Brooks, Luke Combs, The Lumineers, Morgan Wallen, Orville Peck, Paul McCartney, Still Woozy, and Tame Impala. Concerts took place between April 9-May 24, 2022.

All data was downloaded from which tracks secondary market ticket sales for each event in our analysis. This data included date of purchase, the number of tickets sold, and the per-ticket sales price.

If an artist really struggles to fill a venue you might be able to find cheap tickets on the primary market. For example, in 2012, low demand forced Kanye West to cut ticket prices in half to his concert in Atlantic City.

While a red-hot resale market typically favors sellers looking to make a profit, concertgoers can use the supply and demand of a given ticket site to find potential savings. Buyers can take advantage of fluctuations in price by buying when prices are lowest.

To discover the best time to buy resale concert tickets, FinanceBuzz analyzed data on the resale market for recent concerts of some of the top acts currently touring as well as major multi-day festival passes. Using data from we were able to analyze thousands of ticket purchases to find out when demand for tickets is highest, when music lovers paid the most and least for tickets, and more.

Interestingly, the data suggests that a significant portion of music fans have already figured this out, as we found that nearly 1 in 4 (24%) of secondary-market concert ticket sales took place in the week leading up to a concert. Seven percent of all sales took place the day of a concert and an additional 5% took place the day before. That means that nearly 12% of all concert ticket sales on the site took place within a day of the event.

We again found that many music fans wait until the last minute to purchase, with around 15% of all festival pass sales occurring in the four days before a festival. Interestingly, however, our data suggests that those looking for the best deal should actually be purchasing passes sooner than that.

Earn perks and rewards on ticket purchases. Some credit card rewards programs offer bonuses on entertainment purchases such as concert tickets. Using one of the best credit cards for concert tickets is a great way to maximize rewards every time you see your favorite artists perform.

The thing about event tickets is that select people can get them before the online ticket sales open. Who are they? A handful of them includes event insiders, industry executives, and season ticket holders.

Did you ever wonder how radio stations and other platforms can afford to give away tickets? This is because they also get concert tickets in advance. Fan clubs of the artist doing the concert also gain advance tickets.

The best time to buy concert tickets is at the last minute. To be specific, the day before or the day of the concert is when you want to buy tickets. Now, you may think this is counterproductive and risky.

Your enthusiasm to see a concert will become the voice that tells you to hunt for one as soon as you can. After all, what if a hundred other fans are also waiting the last minute to get concert tickets? What if only a handful of tickets become available? 041b061a72


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