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Where To Buy Four Wheeler Tires

The codes used to describe UTV tires are not the same as those used for car tires. The standard code used to indicate an ATV tire size uses at least three numbers in a format like this: 22x11-8. In this example, a fully inflated tire is 22 inches tall, 11 inches wide (measuring across the tread), and fits an 8-inch wheel. You will also sometimes see a bolt pattern code added that looks like this: 4/108. This means the tire fits wheels with four bolts that are 108 millimeters apart.

where to buy four wheeler tires

The right ATV tires improve handling and enhance your outdoor experience. At Auto House, we have a large selection of ATV and four-wheeler tires for sale. Optimize off-road performance with mud tires, sand tires, and sport tires built for your application. With many tire brands and sizes available, it's easy to find replacements.

Where others turn away at large rocks, deep mud, and tough terrain, you move forward. At Kelly's Tire Service, we understand your passion for taking the path less traveled by, and we have 4 wheeler tires for sale in a variety of styles to help you put your ATV to the test almost anywhere.

Kelly's Tire Service is your headquarters for new tires and professional tire services. We have affordable tires for sale from big name brands like MICHELIN, BFGoodrich, and Uniroyal. Our inventory includes car tires, light truck tires, commercial truck tires, 4 wheeler tires, farm tires, and industrial tires, as well as retread tires. Our prices are affordable, and we back up most work and products with warranties that let you leave with peace of mind, every time. We proudly serve drivers across Huntsville, AL, Decatur, AL, Fayetteville, TN, and surrounding areas. Use our website to learn more about our automotive services, then shop for tires online.

1. What is the number written on my bias race tire in yellow chalk? As a result of a tire being bias in design (as opposed to radial), it will have a circumference that varies from tire to tire. This is not something that is unique to Hoosier but is common to all bias tire manufacturers. However, Hoosier has went to the expense of placing a "chalk-mark" on its bias ply tires in an attempt to assist the consumer in making the proper selection when purchasing new tires. It is something Hoosier does that our competition does not. Now, to understand its use, you need to understand a little of the manufacturing process as well.After a tire is cured, it is removed from the press and placed on a machine called a "post-inflator". On this machine each tire has air injected into it for a set period of time. The amount of air is determined by our engineering department and is not the same for every type of tire Hoosier produces. After a set time period, a tire is then measured and the circumference is recorded. Then a press operator writes the size on the side of treaded tires and on the tread of slicks, in yellow chalk. All Hoosier bias ply tires with a chalk-mark, follow this same process.Now, how should the chalk mark be interpreted? It should be viewed as a reference point or a guide on purchasing tires by size to attempt to attain a certain stagger. Say for instance, you needed to replace your right front tire. Your car currently has 1" of stagger (with the RF @ 28 p.s.i.) but you want to get 1 1/2" of stagger. The tire you were replacing had an original chalk mark of 86", and had a roll out, of say, 85". Obviously, you would want to purchase a tire bigger than the 86" tire you removed. Most likely, a tire with a chalk-mark of 86 1/2". You have to remember there are many factors that go into what size a tire will actually measure. The ambient temperature that day, the air pressure in the tire, whether the tire is new or old. These are factors that no, one person, controls. You just need to be aware of their existence and work with what you know. The chalk mark does not tell you the circumference of the tire at running pressure, it does not tell you how big a tire will grow to, it tells you that a tire is either going to be bigger or smaller than another one with a different chalk mark. It's just that simple. Bias ply tires, by nature, are going to vary in size, whether you buy a Hoosier or the competition's tire. By keeping good records, using common sense and understanding how the chalk-mark Hoosier tires provide, you will be step ahead in selecting the proper sized tire(s). (Top)2. Does it matter which way I mount my tires? All Hoosier tires having directional arrows must be mounted so that the tire travels in the direction of the arrow. Hoosier tires having directional arrows will have them on both sidewalls. Directional arrows may not be on a tire that can have both a left and/or right side application. All Hoosier tires not having directional arrows should be mounted as detailed below.Every Hoosier race tire has a four character serial code embossed into one sidewall of the tire. All Hoosier DOT tires will also have two additional codes as required by the Department of Transportation. (Example: J7AB 4AX8 3701)3. What are the do's and don'ts when storing Hoosier race tires at the end of the racing season? Tire storage.The useful life of a tire, whether mounted or dismounted, is directly affected by storage conditions. Tires should always be stored indoors in a dark, cool, dry room.DO1 Remove the tires from the vehicle. 2. Remove the air from the tires and store them on their side in a cool/dark/dry environment.3. Place tires in a black plastic bag when stored during the "off-season".4. Make sure the temperature range in the storage location is between 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit.DON'T1. Don't store tires in direct sunlight or near electric motors. (Electric motors emit small amounts of ozone.) Tires need to be protected from light, especially sunlight. Light causes ultraviolet damage by breaking down the rubber compounds. The storeroom should not contain electrical welding or any other equipment that could produce ozone.2. Don't apply any chemical treatments to Hoosier tires. (It's not necessary and may actually damage the integrity of the tire by breaking down the rubber properties of the tire.) Tires must not be allowed to come in contact with oils, greases, solvents, or other petroleum products that cause rubber to soften or deteriorate.3. Don't store tires in sub-freezing temperatures for any length of time. (The rubber can freeze and may crack as a result.)

ATV tires can be purchased online, through retailers, and dealerships. Cheap ATV quad tires have a shorter life span and have less flexibility. In the long run, these cost you more money and are more likely to suffer damage from use. If you use an ATV on a daily to weekly basis, it is a good idea to invest in a set of tires that are somewhere in the middle of the price margin. Again the choice of the tire will depend on the environment it is to be used in.

Discount Tires has a wide selection of lawn/garden and ATV tires for sale. Our inventory covers recreational and work applications with many tire sizes and brands available for lawnmowers, four-wheelers, and other lawn equipment.

You can go almost anywhere on your ATV. . .if you have the right tires. Find what you need at Simon S. Kettering & Sons, Inc. We have a wide selection of all-terrain vehicle tires for sale at competitive prices. From sand to mud to motorcross tracks, there's a tire built to excel on the terrain you're ready to face. Come in for a replacement or different style of ATV tire today.

MICHELIN X TWEEL UTV airless radial tires for UTVs and ATVs were developed to improve mobility in difficult environments and conditions where vehicles are exposed to rugged roads, jagged terrain and other hostile elements. They eliminate the inconvenience of flat tires, so there is no need to carry spare tires, tools, or repair kits. The full width poly-resin spokes help dampen the ride for enhanced operator comfort, while providing outstanding lateral stiffness for excellent cornering and side-hill stability. They also feature an aggressive tread pattern designed to provide excellent traction.

Looking for your next adventure across Wisonsin or leaving your mark on new grounds with your four-wheeler? At Ray's Auto Repair you can fin the right ATV tires that will help you expand your horizons. We carry a full line of Carlisle ATV supplies. Whether is from mud to trial, our tires' tread designs are suited to the roughest terrains.

Not sure where to start your search? Our staff will show you how to shop like a pro when it comes to four-wheeler tires. Stop by or call (801) 254-0440 to speak with a knowledgeable member of our tire department.

Your all-terrain vehicle can go just about anywhere. All you need to do is install the right ATV tires. Stop by our shop, where we have mud tires, sand tires, all-terrain tires, and racing tires for sale at competitive prices. Browse our wide selection of ATV tires for sale in person, then replace your worn set with new treads that'll work as hard as you play. 041b061a72


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