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Mega-Fiers: A Complete Guide to the Features and Benefits of this Powerful Unity Asset

Mega-Fiers: A Powerful Modeling Tool for Unity

If you are looking for a way to add more variety and realism to your game models, you might want to check out Mega-Fiers, a complete mesh deformation, animation and morphing system for Unity. Mega-Fiers allows you to deform game objects with over 50 modifiers such as bend, twist, FFD, displace, taper and many more. You can stack your effects and bring the animation possibilities found in Max, Maya and Blender to your game projects and characters. In this article, we will explore the features of Mega-Fiers, how to use it, and some examples of what you can create with it.

mega-fiers Unity3D.rar

Features of Mega-Fiers

Mega-Fiers is a versatile and powerful tool that can help you create more interesting and dynamic models for your games. Here are some of the features that make Mega-Fiers stand out:

  • Over 50 deformers and warps to modify meshes: You can choose from a wide range of modifiers that can bend, twist, stretch, squash or displace your meshes in any way you want. You can also use space warps to automatically deform your objects as they move through areas in space.

  • Stackable and combinable effects for complex results: You can apply any number of modifiers to a mesh and adjust their order, strength and parameters to achieve complex results. You can also combine different modifiers to create new effects.

  • Compatible with TextMeshPro, ProBuilder and Sprites: Mega-Fiers is not only for 3D models, but also for text, UI elements and 2D graphics. You can use Mega-Fiers to deform TextMeshPro objects (both mesh and UI versions), ProBuilder objects (allowing you to create more interesting levels directly inside Unity) and Sprites (adding more life to your 2D games).

  • Point cache animation support and dynamic water system: Mega-Fiers also supports point cache animation, which allows you to export animations from other software (such as Blender) and import them into Unity as point cache files. You can then apply them to your meshes using Mega-Fiers. Additionally, Mega-Fiers includes a dynamic water ripple and floating object system that can simulate realistic water surfaces.

How to use Mega-Fiers

Mega-Fiers is easy to use and integrate into your workflow. Here are the basic steps to get started:

  • Installing and setting up Mega-Fiers: You can get Mega-Fiers from the Unity Asset Store for $150. After downloading it, you can import it into your project using the Package Manager. You will also need to enable Burst compilation in the Project Settings.

  • Applying and adjusting modifiers to game objects: To apply a modifier to a game object, you simply need to select the object in the scene or hierarchy view, then go to the Component menu > MegaFiers > Modifiers > [Modifier Name]. You will see a new component added to the object with various parameters that you can tweak. You can also adjust the order of the modifiers by dragging them up or down in the inspector.

  • Using space warps to deform objects automatically: To use a space warp, you need to create an empty game object in the scene and add a space warp component (such as Mega Bend Warp) from the Component menu > MegaFiers > Warps > [Warp Name]. You can then adjust the parameters of the warp component as well as its position, rotation and scale in the scene. To make an object affected by the warp, you need to add a Mega Warp Bind component to it from the Component menu > MegaFiers > Warp Binders > [Warp Binder Name]. You can then select the warp object from the drop-down list in the inspector.

  • Exporting and importing point cache animations: To export an animation from another software (such as Blender), you need to select the mesh object that has the animation applied, then go to File > Export > Point Cache (.pc2). You can then save the file in your project folder. To import it into Unity, you need to select the mesh object that you want to apply the animation to, then go to Component menu > MegaFiers > Point Cache > Add Point Cache File Modifier. You will see a new component added to the object with a file field where you can drag and drop your point cache file. You can then adjust the playback speed, loop mode and other parameters of the component.

Examples of Mega-Fiers in action

To give you some inspiration on what you can create with Mega-Fiers, here are some examples of how you can use it for different purposes:

  • Creating a cartoon character with bend and stretch effects: You can use modifiers such as Bend Axis or Stretch Axis on your character model to give it more expression and personality. For example, you can make your character bend forward or backward when jumping or running, or stretch its limbs when reaching for something.

  • Animating text with twist and wave modifiers: You can use modifiers such as Twist or Wave on your text objects (using TextMeshPro) to make them more dynamic and eye-catching. For example, you can make your text twist around an axis or wave along a curve when displaying a message or title.

  • Making a realistic water surface with ripples and floating objects: You can use modifiers such as Ripple or Float on your water plane (using ProBuilder) to simulate realistic water effects. For example, you can make your water plane ripple when an object falls into it or float objects on its surface using physics.

  • Deforming a terrain with noise and displace modifiers: You can use modifiers such as Noise or Displace on your terrain (using ProBuilder) to create more varied and organic landscapes. For example, you can make your terrain have hills, valleys or craters using noise patterns or displacement maps.


Mega-Fiers is a powerful modeling tool that can help you create more interesting and realistic models for your games. It offers over 50 deformers and warps that can modify meshes in any way you want. It also supports point cache animation, TextMeshPro, ProBuilder and Sprites. It is easy to use and integrate into your workflow. If you want to learn more about Mega-Fiers or get it for yourself, you can visit its page on the Unity Asset Store or its website. You can also watch some tutorials on YouTube or read some documentation on GitHub. Here are some FAQs that might help you:


  • What are the system requirements for Mega-Fiers?

Mega-Fiers requires Unity 2019 or higher with Burst compilation enabled. It also works with any render pipeline (built-in, URP or HDRP).

  • Can I use Mega-Fiers on mobile platforms?

Yes, Mega-Fiers works on mobile platforms as well as desktop platforms. However, you might need to optimize your models and effects depending on your target device performance.

  • Can I use Mega-Fiers with other assets?

Yes, Mega-Fiers is compatible with most other assets that use meshes. However, some assets might require some adjustments or custom scripts to work properly with Mega-Fiers.

  • Can I export my models with Mega-Fiers applied?

Mesh Exporter. However, you might lose some features or functionality depending on the format and software you use.

  • Can I create my own modifiers or warps?

Yes, you can create your own modifiers or warps using C# scripts. You can use the existing modifiers or warps as examples or templates. You can also use the MegaFiers API to access and manipulate the mesh data.


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